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Should I offer Tec Training within my Dive Centre..?

As technical diver training is a rapidly growing market, I believe that your dive centre will benefit from offering this service. I have found that even though most students may have a present interest in tec diving, they would still prefer to train with a centre that can cater for it should they want it in the future. You will find that the more services you provide, the more customers you will get through your door. This is particularly true if you have local dive sites with interesting dives e.g wrecks between 40m - 75m range.

Listed below are some of the services I can offer to meet your training needs. This can all be offered in house at your dive centre.

  • Setup of DSAT Tec Training facility. 
  • Help you setup your accounts, so you can obtain the right Technical training equipment from the best manufactures.  
  • Initial Tec training for your staff to prepare them to become DSAT Tec Instructors.  
  • Once qualified as Tec Divers, I can then train your selected staff to become Technical Instructors (team).  
  • Now having your own Tec training team, you can offer a full range of DSAT Technical Courses.
  • I can offer future update programs and Instructor level training when required.

Each item above is just my initial thoughts on what you will need to make your centre a successful Tec Training facility. I will expand upon different programs available and any prerequisites needed before becoming an Instructor. I can provide an accurate cost account for the setup of your facility, training and materials when I have a complete picture of what you will need and what you would like to offer your future customers.

As you know, the technical training market is becoming bigger and bigger and with the right team and facilities in place, it has the potential to not only increase customers traveling to your dive centre but also makes your Dive Centre stand out your competitors. 

Some of the reasons why you should choose DSAT and Steve Martin for your Technical Training Courses: 

  • PADI's technical training arm is DSAT (Diving Science and Technology) 2 reasons would be the Tec Deep Course will best prepare you for technical diving it has more training dives including actual decompression diving than any other agency. Course materials are well developed and cannot be compared to any others.
  • I will act as an adviser during your initial setup. This will cover all requirements such as Tec equipment, Course marketing and structure.
  • I will personally be responsible for your initial Tec training courses. Once key staff members have been trained, you will be able to offer all Technical courses and receive additional training from me if necessary. I will only leave once you have a working system in place.

Thank you for considering DSAT Tec Courses and Steve Martin for your Dive Centre. If you would like further information on my background in Technical Training including other centres/facilities I have helped setup, please do not hesitate to ask. 

I would like to setup a Tec Facility, how do I get started..?  

I am available to visit and discuss in detail regarding DSAT and how we can offer technical training through your dive centre. To customize what courses to offer that best fits in with your needs and the up coming training that you will be offering to your customers. This will include a computer presentation outlining all courses and training needs. It will include samples of DSAT materials, Marketing and Pricing workshops to fit in with your areas needs.  

Please (email me here) with questions or to arrange a meeting. My other contact details can be found at the top, to the right of this page.

Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
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