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Jason Renoux MSDT #96982 - DSAT Tec Deep Course (16th August 2006)

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course with Steve. He was very professional, supportive and knowledgeable. He has the talent to keep you relaxed and confident about your capabilities as a Tec Deep diver. Being an instructor myself, I was very enthusiastic about the course and also very demanding.

The first day in the pool went well and Steve managed to keep the whole experience fun although it was the most discipline-oriented course I’ve ever taken! I highly recommend him to all my students and friends who are looking to become Tec Deep Divers. Thanks again Steve, and keep up the good work!



Geoff Woodward - DSAT Tec Deep Course (18th November 2006)

You would think that choosing a Tec Instructor would require a lot of careful consideration, but Steve has all the attributes to make it an easy decision. Tec diving is his forte, with years of experience and depths that most of us can only imagine. The course is a rewarding challenge and Steve’s guidance and patience helps to make it even more enjoyable.

Steve has ability to aspire confidence. Even below 40m you have no doubt what so ever that he is in control of everyone in the team. Steve has managed to earn himself the nickname of ‘the squirrel’, but I have come to the conclusion that this is due to the wealth of knowledge he has acquired……….but is more than willing to share. Thanks for all your help Steve 

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