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Instructor ExperiencePADI Divemaster (6 Day)Comprehensive Sales TrainingResort ExperienceIDC Preparation Workshop(2 DayPADI Assistant InstructorPADI Open Water Scuba InstructorEmergency First Response Instructor CourseInstructor Development CourseInstructor ExaminationWays to become a PADI Master InstructorTraining to become a IDC Staff InstructorMaster Scuba Diver TrainerSpecialty InstructorIDC Staff Instructor ExperienceWays to become a PADI Course Director

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General Overview of all Courses displayed below:

During any part of your career choices I will customize schedules and teach in a way that will best prepare you and your centre staff for working in the dive industry and not just to pass the exam. I am available to travel to your dive centre to conduct courses or can offer trips and use one of the dive centres (worldwide) I have agreements with which ever makes it easier for your training needs.

Go Pro Packages (Inc resort placement)
Take a look at how you can become a PADI Professional, maybe go from open water level to instructor anything is possible it is all down to you, get in touch and really change your life and get to work with some of the best centres in the dive industry...

Comprehensive Sales Training
If you are a Divemaster, Instructor, Staff Instructor, Dive Centre Owners or someone who works in the centre (shop staff) then this 2 Days program you must take a look at...

Open to all diver levels, now you’ve been trained by a PADI instructor would you like to have a go in a pool session at what they did for you – this has got to be tried...

Divemaster - Fast Track (6 Days)
Wondering how to become a PADI professional, have a look at the program and see if it is for you...

A chance to not only earn some extra income, but to do some of the most rewarding teaching for people who really make a difference first aiders - find out how easy it is to become an Instructor and what's best anyone can do it... 

Assistant Instructor (AI)
This is Part one of becoming a PADI Instructor...

Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)
This is the Part two of becoming a PADI Instructor, and will prepare you for a lifetime of fun in the dive industry as well as prepare you for the Instructor Examination...

IDC Preparation Workshop (2 Days)
This Program will help you to prepare for the Instructor Courses and may be offered Free of Charge to people booking onto do their full IDC with me...

Instructor Development Course (IDC)
After taking advantage of the IDC Prep Course offer, it’s time to get to work during our 9 day program which will prepare you for becoming an Scuba Diving Instructor and training on how to be successful in the dive industry...

Instructor Crossover to PADI
If you would like to crossover and become a PADI Instructor, have a look to find out which option will be best suited to you...

Specialty Instructor Courses
All ready a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and looking to make yourself more employable in the competitive diving industry and want to do more than just teach basic diving skills, want to show your students about wrecks and photography techniques then this qualification (achievement) is definitely for you...

Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)
This Instructor Rating is awarded to Specialty Instructors who have achieved... see more details

Just like the Discover Instructor program, want to see if your skill levels are good enough and ready to take the staff course. It's conducted at the same time as the Discover Instructor Program and available to Instructor level OWSI and upwards...

IDC Staff Instructor Course
Enjoyed the IDC experience so much that you would really like to improve your Instructor Skills that one step further and help others become PADI Instructors it is your chance to give something back then take a look at this program...

Master Instructor
This Instructor rating is unique, become one of the elite members in the dive industry who help develop the future and this is a requirement to the highest training level a PADI Course Director, I can help you with career education videos etc see more...

Becoming a Course Director
You have come a long way “down the ladder” so to speak, like to hold the highest and most respected rating in the Diving Industry, as an Instructor Trainer you get twice the possibilities are endless you are only limited by what you put into it... look inside to how I can help you get there

Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
Want to know more about how your cylinders weight changes during a dive..? Video has information on what effects the weight change and has tests showing cylinders at different air pressures during dives in salt and fresh water. It displays whether they have Negative, Neutral or Positive Buoyancy. More details found at
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