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The PADI Divemaster is the first professional level and the point at which you become a member of PADI. 

Firstly congratulations on getting this far. You've come a long way since your Open Water Course. Wether you would like to join the PADI instructional team, looking to gain the skills to make yourself more employable or just for fun; below are the different options I have to accommodate you no matter what your circumstances are.

Would you like to do the Divemaster Course but don't have the time..? (6 Day Option)

As I understand that many of you have family and work obligations that restrict you from taking that first step to becoming the diver that you desire, there are many options that I can offer you. As a full time PADI Course Director, not only will you get 100% of your instruction from me but I will personally customise each program to accommodate with you lifestyle and its time limitations. Whats important to me is that you get the best start to your new career and the chance to get the most the course you're interested in. The whole course can be completed in just 6 Days. Once you have the materials necessary, give yourself about 2 weeks to go over the manuals and dvd's before the course starts. Please contact me for further details.

I'm from another Organization can I still do the PADI Divemaster Course..?

The answer is yes - absolutely. Having personally helped many instructors from other agencies become PADI Instructors, I now know the easiest ways to adapt to the PADI system and from my experiences can relate this directly to your past training. 

What is the Divemaster Course all about..?

During your divemaster course you will be working with students during training, improving your skills and theirs simultaneously. You'll also supervise certified divers and conduct various programs independently. Most of all, you'll be a dive pro. Remember how you looked up to the dive staff when you first started diving? All those people who knew so much. Who moved through the water so gracefully. Who just kind of floated there while you fiddled with your inflater hose, bobbing up and down wondering how they seem to hover just a foot off the bottom like it's the most natural thing in the world. Well now you can be one of those people.

Become a Divemaster with Steve Martin (Course Director) and you won't just earn your first black card (Pro Card), you'll achieve a level of skill and competence that will stick with you throughout the rest of your professional diving career. 

Prerequisites (to start course)

To begin your PADI Divemaster Course you will need the PADI Rescue Diver certification or equivalent with at least 20 logged dives and be a minimum of 18 years old.

What will I do during my Divemaster Course..?

You will learn dive leadership skills through a combination of classroom sessions, Divemaster Manuals and DVDs. You will then need to complete a series of water skills and stamina exercises within confined and open water environments. This course also requires you to map out a dive site, including underwater and surface features. Next you will need to demonstrate the ability to solve unanticipated problems underwater through various exercises. You will then conduct practical training exercises - simulated scenarios in supervising and assisting divers, under the supervision of your instructor.

You must have a minimum of 60 logged dives to be certified as a Divemaster. These dives can be accumulated after the course and once completed, we will send in your application to PADI.

Please contact me to book onto the course or with any questions you may have. The only silly question is the one you don't as...

Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
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