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Comprehensive Sales Training (with your "friendly" Course Director - Steve Martin)

This sales training program is designed to level the playing field between "who can sell and who can not" its all about understanding what your customers want and what they expect from dive centres, centre staff and Instructors...

This program is essential for anyone who is looking to work within the dive industry, it's structure and format ensure success for everyone who takes part as we start with the very basics and move onto more advanced sales techniques.

I will include training from PADIs New Positive Approach Selling DVD during course more details can be found (click here)

See similar scenarios to yours below...

Have you found your shop staff sometimes, do not feel comfortable and lack confidence when approaching your customers..? Then this course is for them using simple techniques they will learn to quickly build rapport with your customers this will convince them to buy right then in store and not leave your shop to check out your competitors.

As a Instructor working for a centre sometimes you feel pressured into selling dive equipment, when all you want to do is sell diving courses..? During this course you will learn to use powerful suggestion techniques that will influence your students, in taking continued education training from you and how important your suggestions and advise becomes to your students when they make equipment purchases from your dive centre. It will also leave you feeling confident with the ability to work in all dive centres around the world.

Thinking of working as a PADI Divemaster..? This course will highlight just how important you are. The fact is students will come to you for advise first before the Instructor or shop staff, why should you need to pass them onto someone else and they get the credit? This will set you apart and make you an asset to any dive centre you want to work for any where in the world.

Working as a IDC Staff Instructor..? Then you will know this is the qualification you need to have to work in any management position at most dive centres, you will be seen as someone who's skills should be above other instructors and shop staff and will be called upon to even train others in sales at your dive centre - Can you afford to not do this course..?

As Dive Centre Owners are you battling to keep all your staff and instructors happy..? During this course you will learn simple techniques and what incentives to give your staff members without costing you "an arm and a leg" this will not only increase your sales but have all the instructors and staff who work for you raving about how good an employer you are and we all know work of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising, so expect lots of new CV's to start coming into your dive centre.

This course is designed to help you maximize your sales potential and covers everything you need to know about sales training within are unique dive industry. As Dive professionals it will help you become more employable within any dive centre around the world and for dive centre employers this is a must for helping you attract more customers and staff into your dive centre.

The course is usually conducted over 2 Days, however other options for evening classes are available, you will just need to contact me and we can work out a schedule to best fit your needs.

Want to find more detailed information or book yourself on the next course, contact me

Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
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