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Instructor Experience Sessions

You will meet at the Pool or Dive Centre and receive a briefing from me on what we will be doing and how the session will be organized - I'm sure you will be glad to here that we get into the water asap as time spent in the water "having a go" is far better than talking and talking on the pool side. 

Starting your Divemaster Course can I still come?
Yes, this experience is for anyone who is thinking of someday becoming a PADI Instructor not just for Divemasters, so no matter what your current level and you fancy getting involved you would be made more than welcome.

You will experience (hands on) being a instructor during a confined water (pool) teaching presentation under the direction of Course Director - Steve Martin.

Do you have a friend or someone you think would make a good Instructor..? Please ask about Instructor Experience (Gift Vouchers) you can get from me allowing your friend or colleague to take part in this unique opportunity and try out what being a PADI Instructor is all about.

What will I experience during the session:

  • Find out how to demonstrate dive skills to others (not just do them yourself)
  • Find out how to organize students and stay in control of them while of course having "fun"
  • Find out when students reach skill mastery (before starting more advanced skills)
  • Find out when problems happen, how to correct them (learn to encourage self correction)
  • Always finish with a group debrief and discuss whats next...
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PADI Course Director 

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