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Darrell Kattenhorn #645865 - Rescue Diver to Divemaster (2006-2007)

I was first introduced to Steve whilst in Malta, and immediately took to his character, manner and approach. Steve had been in Malta for some time, and accompanied our group on many of the dives we did that week…his presence, input & advice went a long way in making our experience that more memorable. Back in the UK I had just signed up to renew my Emergency First Response, and soon learnt that Steve was to take the course…lets just say that it was superb & perhaps the most relaxed and informative First Aid course I’ve done.

Soon after I was to do my Rescue and Divemaster, and once again Steve input was welcome, his no nonsense, methodical, professional, and patient approach inspires confidence, you can certainly see the effect Steve’s methods impart on people, in the way they talk about the experience during tea breaks etc.

Steve has also tapped into my skills as a photographer; I have worked with him on several occasions developing his knowledge in Underwater Photography and Photoshop skills, he is like a sponge…his ability to absorb information & then impart that knowledge in a teaching role is exceptional!


Chris Ellis - Open Water to Divemaster (2006-2007)

In Oct 2005 I searched the internet and found TDA and decided to give them a try, my first course was my PADI Open Water and Steve was the instructor, I was a bit nervy at first because it was freezing outside but Steve made me at ease with a few unfunny jokes and reassurance but it worked. He was a great instructor, had the patients of a saint, if you didn’t understand some thing he would try different ways for you to understand the point he was trying to get across, he was very professional and made sure you had a fun time.

At the end of the course he congratulated me handed over my certificate, asked us all to get a few pleasure dives in and practice the skills we have learnt and come back for more, that I did a few months later I decided to go to the next level and undertook my PADI Advanced Open Water. Steve was the instructor again which I was pleased about because he made my open water course enjoyable and fun, the course was great and Steve was enthusiastic as ever.

After my advanced I took a step back to think about my future, thanks to speaking to Steve and seeing what he has achieved made me realise my goal for the future, after a few more courses, EFR, Rescue diver, PPB specialty, Equipment all with Steve instructing me and encouraging me to get to the next stage. I’m currently undertaking my Dive Master course and lucking forward to the challenges ahead, won't be long before I am a PADI Instructor... Thanks Chris



Raymond Goff - Enriched Air Specialty Diver Course 16th Oct 2007

I would like to thank you for the time given to me. I found the way that you put across each phase of this course, in a very relaxed manner and was able put me into a relaxed frame of mind, allowing me to concentrate on the subject manner. I found this unlike previous courses, they always seem to be rushed.

I considered the Nitrox course, to be very important in Diver Development. Having spent considerable time studying and going through each module as an important aid to learning, having the modules put over in the verbal manners of how you explained these, actually brought together the the DVD and written sections over verbally in my opinion, in a clearer format, and I thank you for that. It opened up a greater understanding, of the requirements placed upon the diver when multiple diving will take place.

Having passed to be a Nitrox diver, I will spent some time reviewing all my log books and now have the understanding of working out dive tables, I am really surprised as you said I would, to see the major differences in dive times by moving to Enriched Air. Having now passed the specialties Dry Suit, Search and Recovery, EFR, Navigator and Rescue Diver. I am looking forward to becoming a Master Scuba Diver and look forward to you helping me with my last specialty. Regards Ray Goff 

Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
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