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 You have Duties as an Employee and Employer (see HSE Workplace Requirements in Chart above)

Workplace first aid is a regulated area, and as an employer you have certain duties to your employees with regard to their health, safety and wellbeing. The HSE describe two roles for employees - appointed persons and first aiders. Each fulfills a separate role, each workplace must have at least one at all times, and depending on the employer's risk assessment either first aiders or appointed persons or a combination of both may be required. It is also recommended that an employer consider customers and members of the public in their risk assessment. In the event that your business works with children, specific training in administering first aid to children would be considered prudent even in areas where it is not required by law (such as schools).

Do I need First Aid Training where I work..?

Ask yourself if someone in your workplace suddenly had a heart attack, began choking or fell and injured their spine would you know what to do and how to care for that individual? Our Emergency Responder courses are designed to ensure that you'll not only enjoy your training, but most importantly that you'll be able to make a real positive difference if one of your workmates/colleagues.

An Appointed Person is someone you choose to take charge when someone is injured or falls ill, including calling an ambulance if required and look after the first-aid equipment, e.g. restocking the first-aid box. (click title to find out about their training)
A first aider is someone who has undergone a training course in administering first aid at work and holds a current first aid at work certificate. The training has to be approved by HSE. You may decide, following your first-aid assessment, that you need one or more first aiders. A first aider can undertake the duties of an appointed person. (click title to find out about their training) 
Is it time to renew your current First Aid at Work Certificate? Click title above to find out what is involved with the refresher course.
See how this new course can greatly help your workplace requirements without taking valuable time out of your work.
Find out why every employee should take this training and how as an employer this can lower you legal risk...
The Care for Children Child minder course meets the Pre School Learning Alliance and National Child Minding Association's prerequisites for working as a registered child minder. 
Already a EFR Instructor the why not earn additional income and be able to not only teach the 4 Day First Aid at Work Program but act as an assessor for someone else’s course.
As for all Courses listed above, please click heading of each section to find out much more detailed information on each course any question please click on email links throughout the web pages.
Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
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