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David Hayler-Montague - Emergency First Response Instructor Course, (Jan 2008)

I really enjoyed the EFRI Instructor course with Steve, he is clearly a very passionate person, has a wealth of experience and really enjoys what he does. We had a good group of people all equally enthusiastic and worked well together, Steve made the course interactive and a lot of fun, which made learning easier but did not neglect the importance of what we were learning and our practical application to teaching the course in the future.

I have already enrolled on the IDC with Steve and really looking forward to that. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to anyone considering a course with him - go for it. Best wishes, David.


Jon Baker #639420 - Emergency First Response Instructor Course, (Jan 2008)

I completed my EFR instructor course with Steve and it was a great course. It was a long day, but there was loads of information, useful tips, laughter and it was very motivational. Having been on many courses in the past I was especially pleased by the motivational aspect of the course, as this is often missing.
I feel very comfortable and happy to go out and teach EFR First Aid courses now, and the first two I've done went very well. Thanks Steve.


Dean Jones EFRI 3016 - Emergency First Response Instructor Course (17 Feb 2008)

I completed my EFR Instructor course with Steve, a great trainer that knows exactly how to put the information and knowledge across without totally blowing your mind, its exact and precise teaching.

The course was conducted in a totally stress free environment with a laugh a minute, i got everything i needed from the course and do feel confident to teach now as i feel comfortable with what i have learned. this is all an honest opinion and not just tailored for his page Steve is a truly great guy and comes highly recommended not only on a instructor trainer level, but recreational level to. Thanks Steve for a great and memorable course, Dean


Mike Jones MI 606621 - First Aid at Work Instructor Course (16 Oct 2007)

Thanks for a great day. As I said to you many times during the course of the day I always do my research and this time I'm glad I did. The Course was fun and enjoyable and sharing tips and ideas all day made me realize what other people had said about you on the web site were true. You exude enthusiasm and professionalism and I really appreciate those qualities.

The course was fun and enjoyable which made the content even more memorable. I know we had this discussion several times during the course of the day but it proves the method works and bouncing our own marketing ideas off each other proved a great inspiration to me. Now I know why they call you the Squirrel!!!

I know for sure I'll be putting more Instructor candidates your way and I'll do as much as I can in the ideas department to help you with your new business and sincerely wish you the greatest of success. Looking forward to working with you again Amigo so for now Buenas Dias, Hasta luego. All the best Mike


Robby Stoops - Emergency First Response - First Aid Course (September 2006)

I first met Steve in 2006 when he was my instructor for my EFR First Aid course which I was doing as part of my Rescue Diver course. I was really impressed with his manner which made the course enjoyable and at times, I actually forgot I was in a classroom! I think the skills I learnt from Steve have carried me in good stead and I now am an Assistant Instructor and still using those skills now.

We never know where accidents will occur, it may be whilst diving, at work, on the road or just out shopping but I feel confident that the knowledge Steve has imparted to me gives me the confidence to deal with most first aid situations until the professionals arrive. Thanks Steve, Robby Stoops


Adam Martin - Emergency First Response - First Aid Course (August 2006)

My EFR Primary and Secondary care Course was part of my PADI Rescue Diver Course, it was an interesting one for me as my (big) brother was teaching it.!! :) Not to sure what to expect I turned up to class after some reading of the manual, I was one in a class of five after everyone got to know each other that were the fun started

I with others found the class to be easy and we had a laugh all day especially in the first 5 Min's of course with a Mr Bean (First Aid - Emergency video clip) For each skill we watched a small section from the DVD then worked in a group helping each other using the aid of the really good participant manual. Ste was more like a guide; letting us guide each other rather than what I expected a teacher "telling us what to do" - Then came the final scenarios which he made really good fun using some fake blood and a scene set "like something out of ER"

I would highly recommend that you use Steve for any courses and I am sure he will make whatever course you do, one to remember - Thanks Ste, your "little brother" Ad


Ray Goff - Emergency First Response (Primary and Secondary Care) May 2006

Thanks Steve, for the most interesting “EMERGENCY” First Response Course. Having completed my Rescue Divers Course the hands on practical part of this course now falls into place. I found it most enlightening, although a little strange trying to blow up, or crush a plastic doll, at first. On a serious note, as part of my job, I deal with the fact that in the construction where I operate and work on a daily basis, there is the possibility that we are working on live electrical circuits. No matter how careful we are within our profession there is a risk to what we do.

Things happen; it could be when diving, it could be at work. What will happen is certainly one thing - EFR. The course has left me with a clearer understanding; of how to handle myself should those situations arise. I now approach both work and play with a totally different attitude, I found that you, during my course on, explained and demonstrated this clearly, concise and very practically. To which I am most grateful. Ray Goff


Darrell Kattenhorn - Rescue Diver and EFR Course (2006)

I was first introduced to Steve whilst in Malta, and immediately took to his character, manner and approach. Steve had been in Malta for some time, and accompanied our group on many of the dives we did that week…his presence, input & advice went a long way in making our experience that more memorable. Back in the UK I had just signed up to renew my Emergency First Response, and soon learnt that Steve was to take the course…lets just say that it was superb & perhaps the most relaxed and informative First Aid course I’ve done.

Soon after I was to do my Rescue and Divemaster, and once again Steve input was welcome, his no nonsense, methodical, professional, and patient approach inspires confidence, you can certainly see the effect Steve’s methods impart on people, in the way they talk about the experience during tea breaks etc.

Steve has also tapped into my skills as a photographer; I have worked with him on several occasions developing his knowledge in Underwater Photography and Photoshop skills, he is like a sponge…his ability to absorb information & then impart that knowledge in a teaching role is exceptional!


Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
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