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Like the opportunity to work all over the world?

Having been 8 years in the Diving Industry I have over the years built up relationships with centre owners all over the world, this enables me to offer work placement programs which explain in more detail in the Go Pro Packages I have available.

The ability to work and travel around the world makes scuba diving one of the most sort after jobs, its getting easier to become a PADI Instructor. My advice to you would be to do your training with me as I will not only get you through the Instructor course but will prepare you for life after the Instructor Program - there are very few Course Directors that can offer all the services I can.

What is important to me is your success as a Diving Instructor and Centre Owner its all about your career in the diving industry. 

I would highly recommend that every Instructor works overseas for at least 1 month in a busy diving resort. This will help make you into a "well rounded" Diving Instructor, as it did for me and totally changed my life. I have personally worked at each resort I offer placements with as a normal Diving Instructor with no special treatment being given and although sometimes the days are long and the work is tiring I would not swap this job for any other. I still do not know of another job where you can travel and get work so easily all round the world - do you? 

Click here to see my career advice (development) page... 

Please see the Go Pro Packages including job placements around the world I can offer you... 

You can email me for any questions you have on gaining resort experience here.

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