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Do I need a Website for my Dive Centre..? 

Answer is definitely YES, if you look at the ever changing Dive Industry and a good example is the PADI Open Water Course which is the most sort after Scuba Diving Course in the world it has now gone into eLearning and all the Knowledge Development work can be done online over the Internet.

50% of advertising works and 50% of advertising does not work! Its knowing which 50% to use. The Internet is the biggest and least expensive method of advertising, so if your website is none existent or not getting maintained everyday that where I come in. Keep on looking through this web page to see how quickly and easily I can setup your website and train you and your staff to easily keep it up-to-date you do not have to be a computer wizard to have your site like mine...

Well hopefully you have had a good chance to browse my website and find the layout easy to use all the custom charts & links go to pages easily and find the information you were looking for without much effort?

Question then would be would you like a website setting up similar to this?

If so here is how we go about it...

Okay so you’re not doing too well with your current website, not getting the course booking you should be well this is usually due to a few things, mainly I have found that apart from looking dull and being hard to navigate around, they never get updated frequently enough and I understand that at a busy dive centre we don’t get the time... Well that’s where I come in, I don’t mean to daily update information/products and check your emails on your website although if you have me their during my Virtual Course Director Service or on a Service Contract then I will be in house to train you and your staff in how easy this is for you to do on a daily basis.

No doubt you have had a good look around my website by now I’m sure you would agree not only is it easy to navigate and find details on all the courses/services listed. This is mainly due to a easy to use layout having spent the time planning first what I will be using the site for and linking all the pages to another as you go, one major advantage to having me is I know the tips and tricks to help get your website at the top of the google listings meaning your get more and more people browsing your website, then coming into your Dive Shop.

I have a Web Designer who will not only host your website and setup your email accounts but work with us to develop the correct layout for your website (skins & logo's etc). I use McKenna Consultants Ltd (see there website). Once your website has been setup I will help you to add information to your site until you are comfortable to "go it alone" so to speak. Everything you see on my website can be done on yours, plus anything you have seen on other websites make note and we will make sure your website has it. Please see a diving website I have helped design and get started along with McKenna Consultants Ltd and Alex the Dive Centre Owner of Diving Leisure Leeds (Click here for Website).  

Alex from Diving Leisure Leeds is more than happy for you to (email him here) and he will tell you how much of a success his website is proving to be and how it has completely changed his business making his dive centre one of the most sucessful upcoming centres in the UK.

Other Additional Services...

If you already have an existing website then maybe it just needs a revamp – the services I will be offering include setup of Skype (Web Conferencing), You Tube and Facebook for your centre as these are great ways to get your dive centre noticed in the ever competitive dive industry...

Will help you film and develop a small start up video, like the one you see from PADI (documenting diving in the UK) this will greatly help get you site noticed and post it on You Tube, My Space etc. We can even go a step further and develop a hand out CD/DVD of what your different courses are all about e.g. PADI Advanced Open Water and Specialities... This will get you not only noticed but keep the customers you have already worked hard to get coming back and diving.

For further information and for me to visit your dive centre to make this happen please get in contact (click email link here) , I travel Worldwide with my services a Website Design Proposal is available for you to view. Please contact me requesting it and I would be happy to send this out to you...

Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
Want to know more about how your cylinders weight changes during a dive..? Video has information on what effects the weight change and has tests showing cylinders at different air pressures during dives in salt and fresh water. It displays whether they have Negative, Neutral or Positive Buoyancy. More details found at
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