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Steve Millard (Centre Manager) Aquatech Dive Centre, Manchester, April 2008

Firstly thanks from all at for the encouragement, instruction and support given by Steve Martin. He has given our dive schools first full IDC on site a 100% pass rate on the subsequent IE. Not taking anything away from the students as they truly earned their OWSI, it needs a good Course Director to get the balance right between simply passing the IE and teaching students to becoming a good instructor!

To anyone wishing to consider employing Steve I think the most important thing he brings to the table is his enthusiasm, he is still very fresh and keen and has a lot to offer. It comes out in the lectures, and on the dive site (even in the snow) and just in his personality in general. Steve is professional and has a mature attitude, far beyond his years. He will deal with everything that can be thrown at him, believe me we tried everything and could not de-rail him ;-).  Many emotions are played out through instructor development course. It is almost like a roller coaster ride. Steve is ‘unflappable’ and deals with each and every event appropriately; you need somebody as flexible at dealing with situations as he is to keep things on track.

Finally his work ethic is something to behold, I was still recovering from the IDC when he started his next, but rather than try and cut corners and just get through Steve offered us extra time at the beginning of the course to make sure he could deliver a quality course rather than scrape through the minimum content. In the UK time deepening is a problem and people don’t always appreciate being told it may take a bit longer but nobody is complaining now that the IE seemed ‘easy’ and they can now go out and teach.

Steve you are always welcome at this centre, Thank you from all of the staff, especially the newest ones :-)

p.s. And he makes a great S*** sandwich, bit tight with the bread though. lol.


Alan Whitehead CD 606447 (The Dive Academy - Centre Owner)

Met Steve - the Squirrel - whilst doing his IDC and it was obvious that he was a natural and was going to go all the way. He was attentive, intelligent and developed things into his one own style. In other words he gathered, stored and harvested - just like a squirrel.

So be warned if he sees something he likes it will get 'squirreled' and improved. This ability has proven invaluable in the Instructional setting, always striving to improve at all levels from teaching Open Water Courses all the way to Instructor.

The Dive Centre, TDA, benefited hugely from his input and his assistance on IDCs was invaluable. As a Course Director he will be successful and all his candidates will have the best preparation and enjoy it! All the best of success Mr Squirrel! 

Calendar shows where I will be and duration of my time there. If I am in your area and you want to join a course, contact me for locations. If you see any dates free and would like me to visit your dive centre or location, drop me an email with location, course interest and possible dates.
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